Rural and northern Ontario faces a lack of affordable transportation options.

Jeff has a plan to engage the community enterprise sector to provide more options.

Jeff Mole proposes a couple of community enterprise transportation pilot projects in Parry Sound and Muskoka. These projects will create local jobs, local economic development and make our region a leader in affordable transportation. Cap and Trade and Gas tax revenues must be allocated to the following initiatives.

Ride sharing

Private sector ride sharing services do not operate in Parry Sound Muskoka. This is a business decision that is not helpful to our communities.

To be proactive Jeff will bring forward a proposal for development of a ride sharing community enterprise to operate in the region. The service will be open to existing commercial drivers and part-time independent drivers. The unique caveat is that vehicles must be "clean" energy powered.


Driving a converted propane/gasoline vehicle can make life more affordable by reducing fuel costs by about 50%. In addition, propane is significantly better for the environment than gasoline or diesel.

​The drawback is that there are not enough facilities to convert and maintain these vehicles, there are not enough refueling facilities and existing facilities charge too much for propane because they can since there is not enough competition in the market.

Jeff proposes has a plan for development of a network of locally controlled community enterprises to expand the propane for vehicles in Ontario starting in Parry Sound and Muskoka.

The plan includes working with local municipalities, businesses and citizens to convert new and current vehicles to dual fuel propane at 1 or more new propane conversion/service facilities in the region. This included provincial, federal, municipal, EMS and contracted vehicles.

The plan also includes working with local municipalities and businesses to site "card lock" refueling facilities at strategic locations throughout the region and at provincially owned sites, such as ONroute locations.

The plan is in motion and I am or will be bringing the proposal to propane suppliers, conversion centre experts and municipalities in the near future.