Protect the travelling public

Jeff Mole has a plan to better protect the traveling public by introducing a mobile "app" to help law enforcement do a better job of reducing the number of fatigued commercial vehicle operators on our roads and highways.

I recently had the good fortune to meet Blerta Vokshi. Blerta's niece, sister and mother were killed in a fiery multi-vehicle collision on Highway 400. Blerta suffered serious injury in the accident.

A commercial truck driver, was charged with four counts of criminal negligence causing death and one count of criminal negligence cause bodily harm.

Sgt. Kerry Schmidt of the OPP is quoted as saying the crash was “absolutely preventable.”

Commercial driver fatigue and lax pre-trip inspection of commercial vehicles is a major public safety concern.

Jeff will introduce Blerta's Law

This law will require commercial drivers to install a cellphone "app" that operates in such a way as to permit law enforcement to remotely access drivers hours of service and other pertinent information.