Rural and northern Ontario faces a challenge attracting and retaining young people to live and work in the region. I have a plan to create jobs for youth and build vibrant communities.

Jeff proposes a greater focus on creating jobs for Ontario's young and old through the community enterprise sector rather than creating bigger government or giving government handouts to private companies.

Jeff Mole proposes a number of community enterprise pilot projects in Parry Sound and Muskoka. These projects will create local jobs, local economic development and make our region a leader in environmental protection.

We can't count on the private sector

Norm Miller is one of the more likable members of the past sitting of the Ontario Legislature. We don’t need likable. We need someone who will bring forward legislation that will create jobs and protect the taxpayer. We need someone who will strengthen communities and stand up to absentee corporations that want to impact our environment and leave nothing for communities. Norm Miller and the conservatives won’t protect your interests.

Conservatives value smaller government, lower taxes, less regulation and a market economy. Conservatives would have you believe privatization, less regulation and less public services will enable wealthy investors to expand the economy and market forces will ensure that this wealth will “trickle down” to eliminate inequality. It won’t, trickle-down economics is not working. Liberals are acting a lot like conservatives these days and it is not working. We need a better economic model.

If we could count on the private sector to create the jobs and economic activity we need, then we would not have an out-migration problem. A strong Community Enterprise sector will create good jobs and better housing to ensure that more young members of the community can afford to live and work in Parry Sound Muskoka. This model helps ensure that we have a sustainable economy; one that fairly distributes wealth and protects the taxpayer.