Introduce motions to:
include Muskoka in the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund

Introduce an Intervenor Act

support keeping two acute care hospitals in Muskoka.

Jeff proposes a greater emphasis on the social and economic development of communities in Parry Sound and Muskoka.

We need a better process for public consultation

Northern Status for Muskoka

Removing Muskoka from northern status was a mean-spirited move by Liberals. It may have been devised by Sudbury Liberals because Muskoka is not considered north enough. I may be a slap because we elected a PC member and were seen as an unwinnable riding.

I support including Muskoka in this program to align with the federal and provincial realities.

Intervenor Act

Public consultation is important. Protecting the public interest can be very time consuming. This act would require developers to fund individuals and groups working to protect the public interest.


Muskoka Hospitals

There is an ongoing process and now is not the time for political medalling. I am disappointed that Norm Miller would get an early jump on the election campaign by encouraging others to gather signatures on a petition before we know the outcome of the process or the election.

I personally support two acute sites in Muskoka. I have discussed the issue with a member of the board of Muskoka Algonquin Health Care (MAHC) and will be more involved at the appropriate time.

As an independent candidate, I have no party affiliation. If elected, I will remain open to working with the governing party on this and other matters of interest to communities in the region. We may have a minority parliament. If this is the case, having a flexible independent member (not beholden to party ideology) will uniquely position us to change the mind of any premier that is offside with this and other important matter in the region. In a majority situation, I will consult the community about options.

I was not privy to any private conversations by members of Huntsville council regarding a motion asking the Minister of Health to dismiss the board of MAHC. I am not sure this was helpful to the process. However, it is reasonable to assume that council passed this motion with a view to protecting the interests of their constituents. Accordingly, they will have an opportunity to answer for their actions in public debates preceding the upcoming municipal election.